Real World Design ChallegeReal Problems, Real Tools, Real Roles & Real Contributions
The Real World Design Challenge (RWDC) is an annual high school competition run by a public-private partnership with the goal of sustainably increasing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce. The partners are focused on working within the context of the American educational system to transform STEM education in the United States by providing professional science and engineering and learning resources to students and teachers.

The RWDC began in 2008 through a partnership between industry, government, academia, and non-profit. The partners were committed to bringing a program to schools that brought professional engineering resources into the classroom, was free to participate in, and could scale to every school in the United States. The partners brought together $263 million in resources and began working with governors to build an infrastructure of states to scale across the United States. The first year, ten states participated. And we have added states every year.

Every teacher that participates in the RWDC gets $1 million in professional engineering software along with training, curriculum materials, and access to mentors. Teams of 3-7 high school students use these resources to solve an engineering challenge that is currently faced by industry.

Students first compete in a state level Governor’s Cup. The team with the best design in each state gets an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC to compete in the national finals.

The Challenges have all been focused on the aerospace industry so far, but as the RWDC grows, we will add other content areas as well. We are constantly looking for new partner organizations, states, and school teams to participate.


Getting Started
Pro|ENGINEER Training
Train for free at www.ptcacademy.comtbl1.JPG

Training for teacher AND students on line at

For this year’s competition, we will be using the following products.
  • Pro/ENGINEER University Edition
  • Mentor Graphics FloEFD
  • FloEFD2Mechanica
  • NEi Nastran
  • Zona Zaero
As you can see we are expanding the tools for this year’s challenge.
Here is the methods for teams to access the applications.
When the Team Led registers their team for the challenge a Windchill project will be created for them. The project becomes one of the main areas for the team to collaborate, manage their data and download software.
Since we will be using Pro/E University Edition this year, here is the process for each team to get their edition and licenses. The edition is a site license of 50 seats and includes modules like Mechanica (structural analysis) and manufacturing.
Each team lead would fill out the following survey -
Upon completion of the survey, the teacher receives an email with the link to download the edition. They can choose to download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Pro/ENGINEER. Each download is 3.6 GB. They would also receive a product code and a link to generate the license file.
Note: for some areas, schools or teachers are not able to download 3.6 GB. A DVD will be sent out.Note: if the team is a distributed team and do not have a lab to work in, they will not be able to use the university edition.
The team are entitled to install the Schools Edition on other machines to be used to design the wing and perform FloEFD if they choose. They would have to use the University Edition for the Structural Analysis.
The team and their contact information will be sent to both Mentor Graphics and NEi. These companies would follow up with each team to provide a license file for the team.
The application will be available for download from the software download page in Windchill
The team would navigate to the Zona page to download the Zaero application.
Teams needing technical support with software should send and email to

Team Information Forms for the National Competition

RWDC Website
Promotional Video
Training Videos

Installation Videos
· Getting Started with the RWDC Applications
· **Installing Creo Elements/Pro** **University** **Edition (formerly Pro/ENGINEER University Edition)**
Installing Mathcad Student Edition

· Installing Mentor Graphics Flo.EFD and FloEFD2Mechanica Bridge
· Installing NEi Nastran
· Installing Zona Zaero
· **Configuration of Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER) for the Challenge**
· Additional Configurations requirements for Creo Elements/Pro NEW

RWDC Instructional Videos

· Team Collaboration with Windchill ProjectLink - NEW
· Challenge Overview Video - NEW
· Design Phase Video - Coming Soon
· Analysis Phase Video - Coming Soon
· Flutter Analysis Phase Video - Coming Soon
· Results Phase Video - Coming Soon

RWDC National Dates & Deadlines

State Challenge

State Challenge Issued
October 4, 2010
Team Registration Deadline
November 19, 2010
Solution Submission Deadline
January 31, 2010

State Challenge Digital Submissions Scored by Judges
February 1-15, 2011

State Winners Announced
February 16-22, 2011

National Challenge

National Challenge Issued
February 22, 2011
Solution Submission Deadline
March 28, 2011
National Challenge Digital Submissions Scored by Judges
April 4-13, 2011
National Challenge Event
April 15-18, 2011