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Computer-aided design (CAD), also known as computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation. Computer Aided Drafting describes the process of drafting with a computer. CADD software, or environments, provide the user with input-tools for the purpose of streamlining design processes; drafting, documentation, and manufacturing processes. CADD output is often in the form of electronic files for print or machining operations. The development of CADD-based software is in direct correlation with the processes it seeks to economize; industry-based software (construction, manufacturing, etc.) typically uses vector-based (linear) environments whereas graphic-based software utilizes raster-based (pixelated) environments. (Wikipedia, November 2010)


South Dakota CAD Standards


CAD Tutorials

These are sites that are handy references for teaching CAD

The following list came from TenLinks.com
  1. **CADdigest.com** - a massive listing of tutorials, organized by subject (CADdigest.com is owned by TenLinks)
  2. **myCADsite.com** - contains downloadable AutoCAD lessons for beginners to advanced users, plus drawings, links, more, includes quizzes at end of tutorials
  3. **CADTutor** - offers a broad range of free tutorials for AutoCAD, plus Autodesk VIZ and Adobe Photoshop, by David Watson
  4. **CADLearning.com** - online tutorials about AutoCAD for sale, by 4D Technologies
  5. **AutoCAD Central** - many tutorials
  6. **AfraLisp** - nicely documented tutorials for AutoLISP, VisualLISP, VB and VBA, by Kenny Ramage and David Watson
  7. **2D AutoCAD Tutorials** - getting started, editing, modifying, and plotting for Release 2000. Also has tutorials for R14, R13, R12. By University of New South Wales, Australia
  8. **Graphics Communication Program** - detailed, well illustrated tutorials introduces the basic functionality of AutoCAD, covers 2000i and R14, by Dr. Alice Y. Scales, North Carolina State University
  9. **Tailoring AutoCAD** - 20-chapter tome covering menus, AutoLISP, hatch patterns and more, updated to version 2000, by Ralph Grabowski.
  10. **comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ** - basic guidelines, getting started, tips, tricks and reference page for AutoLISP, by Reini Urban


CAD Software and Links

These are examples of the many types of CAD Software. *Note: This not an endorsement of any particular software. Any omission of a software is not intended as a negative endorsement either.

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